Our Philosophy 


Our philosophy is founded on the principle that a child’s learning process begins from the moment they are born, and through the establishment and maintenance of secure relationships children are able to thrive. We are honoured to share this responsibility with you.


Whilst Ganeinu is a centre founded on Jewish values and traditions which are taught, fostered and celebrated in our centre, we open our doors to children from all backgrounds and traditions and acknowledge and celebrate the traditions of those cultures in conjunction with families as they form part of the rich heritage of the people in our local community. Children build rewarding relationships and connections in our inclusive environment, representative of the local community while learning to respect and appreciate the differences of others so that they are able to live co-operatively and respectfully in our diverse world. We do not teach or celebrate any religious festivals outside of Judaism, however do not dispute their existence.


We are dedicated to helping our children to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, informed citizens, respectful of diversity, proud of their culture, supporters of the planet and our natural environment, with a strong sense of being part of the community and the diverse world.