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Our Philosophy 


Ganeinu - Gan Izzy delivers educational services and programs to children from two months old to year six, where we aim to share the warmth, joy and soul of Judaism with others, using a non-judgmental approach in a safe and nurturing environment. We encourage the children to become active participants in their learning experiences, developing self-confidence and a sense of belonging to their cohort and the wider community.

We aim to give the children a strong sense of identity and self-esteem. We teach them to be respectful of others within society, and positively contribute to their families, their wider community and the environment.


Together, our service promotes a holistic approach to family values, relationships and community belonging and inclusiveness, which is embedded in the program. We aim to create collaborative partnerships with families and provide offerings that benefit both the children and their families. We provide meaningful and long term connections with our families and community.

Our Early Learning Centre known as Ganeinu welcomes infants to preschool aged children of all cultures and backgrounds and aims to maximise their potential and opportunities through our inclusive educational program, focussing on each child’s physical, social, emotional, communication and cognitive needs using a Whole Child approach. Jewish traditions and values are embedded into our educational program in a ‘home away from home’ environment where we connect families of all backgrounds as a community. We are responsive to individual child needs by intentionally planning play experiences to extend on children’s learning.  We support children to appreciate and connect with the natural world, learning to respect and sustain it for future generations. We aim to prepare children well for a future of lifelong learning..

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